H+C Interns: Summer 2017

It’s been a great summer here at H+C, and one of the highlights was the launch of our internship program. Our first interns did not disappoint! Ricky and Marisa did an amazing job, diving head-first into the world of medtech and agency life. Read on to learn more about their experience.

Ricky, Business Operations Intern

How did your intern experience compare to your expectations?
One of the things I did not expect was to work on such a variety of different tasks that would have an immediate impact on the company. I participated in everything from creating Excel models to installing a company-wide CRM system. The scope of work allowed me to learn by doing, and that made the internship a great experience.

What was your biggest takeaway?
There is a ton of behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a business. Implementing different systems and processes is a constantly evolving task that takes time and effort. There is no true “easy fix” for all problems. Flexibility is key, because what may work one day could prove to be inefficient down the line. There is always something that can be improved upon.

Advice for next interns?
My advice would be to constantly check to make sure the solutions you are developing are applicable. At the end of the day, the most important part of finding a solution to a business problem is making sure employees will actually use it. Make sure you check in with the employees who will be affected by the change to hear their perspective on what you are doing.

Marisa, PR & Social Media Intern

What did you enjoy most about H+C? 
The people who work here are incredibly passionate about what they do and they are really great at their jobs. I also appreciate the effort that everyone puts into pitching in to make sure clients are taken care of and projects are done on time. The culture here is warm and welcoming, and they encourage growth at every turn.

What were a few things you learned?
I feel like I built on knowledge that I already had, but also learned a lot of new things that I never knew were possible to do. One big thing that stuck out was the effort that goes into social media strategy, and that you can’t over-plan a social post. I never really knew what SEO was before this job, but I am so glad I learned!

How was working in medtech different?
Working in medtech is a “different animal,” as many in the industry say. Because it is so highly regulated, you have to be prepared to get your ideas shot down sometimes. You also have to be ready to adjust at a moment’s notice. But what these companies do and the products they produce change the lives of people every day, and it doesn’t really get more important than that.



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