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Community: A unified body of individuals.

If you are part of the interventional cardiology community, then you are likely packing your bag en route to the Mile High City. That’s where Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics, known as TCT, will take place this year. For those outside the cardiology clan, TCT is one of the key educational meetings focused on interventional cardiovascular medicine (#TCTDenver).

Recently, I was sharing TCT stories with some of my Millennial co-workers (says the Gen Xer), and it struck me that TCT also represents a community of my colleagues, both past (shout out to my fellow Guidant alumni!) and present. Having worked in the field of cardiology for fifteen years, my professional network is rooted in the TCT community.

Not surprisingly, this cardiology community led me to Health+Commerce, where my professional energy is focused on building an amazing community of marketing and communications experts. Our founder, Nicole Osmer, and I were colleagues at Guidant and founding members of MedtechWomen, a Guidant-inspired community of female leaders.

Needless to say, community is critical.

Which leads me to the role that community plays during times of crisis, which was magnified by local events of recent weeks. The Northern California wildfires ravaged Santa Rosa, home to our firm’s headquarters and many of our employees. Words cannot capture the breadth and scale of impact, but here’s what I have witnessed amidst these calamitous events: Strong communities endure. Strong communities demonstrate respect. Strong communities take care of their people.

I have witnessed firsthand the strength of the Santa Rosa community. My colleagues have been evacuated, lost their homes and schools, and yet, they still endure. During a routine visit to Acre, my favorite coffee house, I observed local residents expressing their profound gratitude for three firefighters the moment they walked through the door.

Community, community, community.





Going back to my roots in the Motor City, I think the words of my fellow Michigander, Henry Ford, capture it best.

Coming together is a beginning;

         keeping together is progress;

                   working together is success.


 — Jennifer Beedon


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