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We put down our roots in the heart of the Silicon Valley 15 years ago during the “dot-com” era so we have a thing with staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.  

Here’s a list of tools we’re loving right now:

Slack. All day, every day, we are on Slack — communication platform ideal for decentralized teams, although we admit we also slack when we’re sitting right next to one another. It’s the best of texting, IM’ing and email, all in one. Slack keeps us connected – and laughing – all day long.

Apple AirPods. Truly hands-free. These little guys give you the freedom to leave your phone at your desk while you go grab a cup of coffee.

BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo helps us track what’s on fire in social media and find awesome relevant content for our clients, and our clients’ customers.

TrendKite. Media monitoring and analytics are simple with TrendKite. Our clients love the comprehensive reports we can generate in a snap using the service.

mSecure. All logins and passwords — in one safe place. Never get locked out again with this essential tool for managing multiple social media accounts. 

Insightly. This easy-to-use customer relationship management app is how we keep track of all our clients and projects.  

Harvest. “Harvest changed my life,” says Cleo Murnane of Project MPlus – and that’s all we needed to hear. Now, we can’t live without it. It’s how we track our time, generate invoices, create monthly reports, and ensure we stay on budget.

MailChimp. For handling heavy loads of emails, MailChimp is key. We love that it integrates with Insightly.

BusinessWire. PR Newswire or BusinessWire: Coke or Pepsi? We like BusinessWire and have been a loyal client for 15 years. Their excellent customer service, keen editing skills, continued innovation in multi-media products, and broad reach make them an easy choice for our team.

Critical Mention. Makes watching and listening to the news from all over the world a breeze. We use Critical Mention to stay on top of news reports relevant to our clients, and to catch broadcast clips that mention their technologies.

Hootsuite. A sanity-saver. With Hootsuite, it’s never been easier to help our clients engage with their followers across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social channels. A simple, inexpensive way to track phone calls generated by radio, Facebook or print advertising campaigns. The best part: we get an email or text as soon as the phone number has been called, so we’re up-to-the-minute on results.

We’re discovering new time-saving and innovative tools every day – and we’ll be back to share more!

Are you loving a new app or platform? We’d love to hear about it.


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